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The Illustrator is a long time member of "The Association of Medical Illustrators", a "Fellow" of the A.M.I., and is a "C.M.I." ("Certified Medical Illustrator"). In 1972 he received a B.S. degree in Medical Illustration from The Ohio State University, College of Medicine, and in 1974 a M.S. degree in Medical and Biological Illustration from the University of Michigan. From 1974 to 1976 the Illustrator completed Anatomical Teaching Modules for the National Medical Audiovisual Center, from 1976 until 1978 He completed Pathology models for the "Spenco Medical Corporation", and from 1978 to the Present the Illustrator has Taught Medical Illustration,Pathophysiology, as well as being a Departmental Medical Illustrator. He has maintained a Freelance practice for 40 years.


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Patient Educational Graphics for various medical educators

Medical - Legal Illustrations for Court Room Demonstration


After graduating from the University of Michigan, 1974, I developed Anatomy Teaching Modules, for the National Medical Audiovisual Center, in Atlanta Georgia. These were in mixed media - slide programs distributed to Physicians and Medical Educators from N.M.A.C. In June 1976, I took a position as Medical Illustrator, for the "SPENCO", Corporation in Texas. I developed over 100 Patient / Teaching - Educational Models of Disease for High Schools and College Level Health and Biology Courses. I also developed Anti-Smoking and Public Health Educational Print Material that is still sold by "SPENCO", today. In May, 1978, I accepted the Position of Instructor and Medical Illustrator, at The Ohio State University College of Medicine, and I am still in that position. I taught over 35 different courses in the Medical Illustration Program from 1978 to the programs' end in June 1995 and Pathophysiology.I also developed hundreds of pieces of medical illustration depicting patient education subjects, to teaching visuals for Medical Education and Research. I have for 20 years maintained a freelance Medical Illustration Business. I have completed art for Anatomy, Surgery, and Research Publications, Print and Web. I have employed Pen and Ink, Watercolor, (Mixed Media) as well as Web Based Digital Rendering methods.

Basilar Artery Aneurysm, Mixed Media on Board
Print or Web Reproduction
Taken from a Specimen and Reconstructed